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Nanotech Stainless Steel Sink
Nanotech Stainless Steel Sink
Nanotech Stainless Steel Sink
Nanotech Stainless Steel Sink
Nanotech Stainless Steel Sink

Nanotech Stainless Steel Sink

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  • Nanotechnology Coating Sink
  • Cover
  • Fold Down Faucet
  • Soap Dispenser

The best kitchen sink EVER, for both off-grid living & home improvement.

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No additional tools required for installing the faucet, engineered for easy maintenance and repairs. All parts of the faucet can be tightened by hand

-Extra thick Stainless Steel Construction

-Best Black Nanotechnology Coating on the market!

-Seamless design for RV and Camper Van Conversions

Because of its oil-free coating, nano sinks are resistant to staining. All dirt, dust and grease rolls off the surface of these sinks, cutting back on the frequency of cleanings. They are also easy to clean, and do not require any cleaning agents. Just a simple damp cloth is enough to restore them back to their original glory!

Extreme Durability
The scratch free, corrosion resistant feature of nano stainless steel sinks makes them highly durable. They are waterproof which means all water rolls off the surface instead of seeping through the surface, keeping them dry and reducing the risks of mildew and mold development.


Exterior 450mm/17.7inch x 390mm/15.3inch
Interior 380mm/14.9inch x 347mm/13.6inch
Cutout hole 420mm/16.5inch x 360mm/14.2inch (Square hole on your countertop)

Overall Depth 230mm/9inch

Strainer is not included, this sink has the standard drain hole size so it fits nearly all strainer available in your local hardware store ( normally $8-$20 ). The reason we do not include the strainer is because everyone has a different plumbing system, it is recommend to purchase the strainer along with other plumbing parts so they match.

Highest Quality Guaranteed.
One of the team member will perform a 12-point pre-shipment inspection prior packaging for shipment.