RSC 4.75 Ton / 9,500 Lbs Off-Road Recovery Tow Mega Shackle
RSC 4.75 Ton / 9,500 Lbs Off-Road Recovery Tow Mega Shackle

RSC 4.75 Ton / 9,500 Lbs Off-Road Recovery Tow Mega Shackle

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Introducing the RSC - Rock Solid Components 4.75 Ton / 9,500 Lbs Recovery Tow Mega Shackle, the ultimate solution for every off-road adventure! If you're an adventurer seeking a dependable and durable recovery tool, look no further.

These shackles are meticulously crafted from premium materials, specially designed to endure the toughest conditions you might encounter during your off-road escapades. Boasting an impressive breaking strength of 28.5 tons / 57,000 Lbs, these shackles offer the unwavering power you need to kickstart your adventure.

With a combination of zinc plating and powder coating, rest assured that these shackles will withstand the test of time without corroding or rusting, providing you with the utmost confidence to conquer any challenging terrain.

Designed in a vibrant red hue with a distinctive black pin, these shackles are not only reliable but also easily noticeable and simple to use. Their 4.75 Ton / 9,500 Lbs capacity ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, including adventure off-grid camper vans. Each set includes two shackles, enabling you to seamlessly attach them to your recovery gear and quickly maneuver out of trouble, safely.

No matter if you find yourself stuck in mud, sand, or snow, these shackles will come to your rescue. Their rugged durability and unmatched performance make them an essential addition to your adventure off-grid camper van kit.

Before embarking on your next off-road journey, make sure you equip yourself with the RSC 8 Ton Off-Road Recovery Tow Mega Shackles. With their incredible breaking strength, eye-catching color, and robust construction, these shackles are the dependable and crucial tool that every off-road adventurer needs. Don't leave home without them!

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